Pichia stipitis

Here we reported the first genome-scale metabolic model of P. stipitis named iSS884. The model was used for evaluating the yeast metabolic capabilities and the simulations were compared with experimental data. Therefore is able to be used for gaining more understanding on metabolic functions of this yeast. Some of these functions were compared against S. cerevisiae. The iSS884 model can be used to asses into the P. stipitis ability to produce ethanol from wood sugars promoting low oxygen uptake rates. Such can be useful, for example, to generate process strategies to convert such cheap raw material into ethanol, as was shown.(1)


P.stipitis model iSS884

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1) L. Caspeta*; S. Shoaie*; R. Agren; I. Nookaew; J. Nielsen (2012) Genome-scale metabolic reconstructions of Pichia stipitis and pastoris and in-silico evaluation of their potentials BMC Syst Biol. Apr 4;6(1):24
A * indicates that these authors contributed equally to the work.