Prochlorococcus marinus strain MED4

Prochlorococcus marinus is a marine cyanobacterium and is most abundant autotrophic species on Earth, contributing a majority of primary production in vast regions of the ocean gyres. This strain, MED4, is a representative of the high-light adapted 'ecotype' eHLI. The model iJC568 was reconstructed using RAVEN by protein homology and by manual curation. The model consists of 568 genes, 794 reactions, 680 metabolites in 6 sub cellular locations and was validated by growth on minimal media, known metabolic capabilities, photosynthetic performance, and thermodynamic balance. The BOF includes 121 compounds parsed between 'crude' biomass fractions with corresponding calculated GAM costs.


Prochlorococcus marinus strain MED4 model
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