Pichia pastoris

Here we reported the third GEM of P. pastoris named iLC915. The model was used for evaluating the yeasts metabolic capabilities and the simulations were compared with experimental data. Therefore are able to be used for gaining more understanding on metabolic functions of the yeast. Some of these functions were compared against S. cerevisiae. The iLC915 model of P. pastoris was tasted against many tasks including the utilization of carbon sources relevant for protein production, as well as carbon sources that promote peroxysomes formation e.g. methanol, oleic acid and alanine. The effect of the utilization of such carbon sources on cell physiology was also evaluated to predict energetic requirements under each. Furthermore, the effect of the recombinant protein production under several oxygen uptake rates on cells physiology was evaluated and compare with experimental results. Some of former studies were not done with the previous GEM of P. pastoris, hence the current model accomplish most interrogative cycles(1)


P.pastoris model iLC91

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1) L. Caspeta*; S. Shoaie*; R. Agren; I. Nookaew; J. Nielsen (2011) Genome-scale metabolic reconstructions of Pichia stipitis and pastoris and in-silico evaluation of their potentials BMC Syst Biol. 2012 Apr 4;6(1):24
A * indicates that these authors contributed equally to the work.