P. chrysogenum

Using the RAVEN Toolbox the metabolic network of P. chrysogenum metabolic network was reconstructed. The metabolic network comprises 1471 unique metabolic reactions in four sub-cellular compartments; extracellular, cytosolic, mitochondrial, and peroxisomal. 1006 ORFs are associated to the reactions, 89 of which participate in one of 35 protein complexes. In parallel to the automatic reconstruction, an extensive literature study was performed. In total 440 cited articles provide experimental evidence for the majority of the reactions. All model components were extensively annotated to adhere to the MIRIAM standard for biological models. The model was validated with respect to 76 important metabolic functions (the supplementary file simulations.xls is an input file to checkTasks, which was used to performed the validation)(1).


P. chrysogenum iAL1006

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1) R. Agren, L. Liu, S. Shoaie, W. Vongsangnak, I. Nookaew, J. Nielsen (2013) The RAVEN Toolbox and its Use for Generating a Genome-scale Metabolic Model for Penicillium chrysogenum PLoS Comp Biol
A * indicates that these authors contributed equally to the work.