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Yeast apoptosis database

Yeast apoptosis database (yApoptosis) is an extensively-curated database dedicated for researchers working on yeast apoptosis. It is an open platform established to facilitate the organization and sharing of knowledge. yApoptosis structurally collects annotated information of apoptotic genes such as pathway information, GO terms, relevant literature, and provides additional links to protein information, gene expression and interaction data. yApoptosis is a part of the broader yCellDeath project. More data and tools will be continuously added, and the apoptosis networks will be revised and updated on a regular basis.

Human metabolic atlas

Human Metabolic Atlas (HMA) website is an online resource to provide comprehensive human metabolic information as models and a database for further specific analysis as well as to communicate with the wider research community.


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MEMOSys (Metabolic Model System) is a web based bioinformatics platform for the management, storage, and development of metabolic models. It supports the development of new models by providing a built in version control system which offers access to the complete reconstruction history. Moreover, the integrated web board, the fine-grained authorization system, and the definition of user roles allow collaborations across departments and universities. Research on existing models is facilitated by a powerful search system, references to external databases, and a feature-rich comparison mechanism. Go to MEMOSys


Genome and trascriptome (RNAseq and Microarray) browser of Saccharomyces cerevisiae